Paradise Valley

20160214_132951Only 40kms from the surf camp, the drive to Paradise Valley passes through the village of Aourir and takes you  on a winding road passing the stunning landscapes of mountains along the way.  Well known in the 70’s where Paradise Valley attracted many hippies and the famous Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison. With beautiful natural rock pools, many cliffs for those daring enough to do some cliff jumping, and natural waterfalls further up in village of Imouzzer. There is also the opportunity to treat your self to a choice of tagines in one of the many restaurants in the valley. Surrounded by an array of palm trees with a breath taking scenery- Paradise Valley is a trip not to be missed.

30€( minimum 2 personnes)

Camel ride


Discover these robust camels from the desert. A ride through endless dunes and explore the beach at sunset. You will have all the memories and the opportunity to experience these enchanting places Morocco has to offer.



received_918211478238412  Discover your adventurous side and ride a quad along the beach with unforgettable landscapes, or for those a little more daring, the choice to go off the beaten track. An action packed activity, lots of fun and sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

2 hours 60€

Fishing on traditional boats


  Experience the opportunity to join the fishermen for a trip out to sea. The chance to catch your own fish for dinner and an insight into the lives of these men. The feeling and serenity of being out at sea and looking back to the mountains and different beaches brings you the up most feeling of calmness and tranquillity. A pure and true cultural experience.


40€( minimum 2 personnes)

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